Amway Green Life Fiesta

Amway is a company built on principles, people and products. Since its foundation half a century ago, their products have touched millions of lives around the world.

Pico was given the honour of designing, fabricating and event managing, including providing stage management and logistics support for Amway Hong Kong’s 40th anniversary product expo. This year, our teams took the event to a new level. Instead of delivering a generic product show with rows of standard booths, we divided the venue into three main areas and successfully transformed the entire event into an all-ages carnival – the Green Life Fiesta.

As a world-class company, Amway strives for excellence in all their events, as such we went the extra mile to make this an enjoyable journey for each and every participant. While the clients shopped for products, we arranged different activities for guest enjoyment – a fashion show with star model Coco Chiang, a bartending demo at the Transformer protein café, the Nutrilite climbing wall, a cooking demonstration on the Home train, a sharing session with star makeup artist Wayne Wong and more.

Tickets sold out within a week, and over 15,000 visitors attended the three-day event. With only a limited time to set up, the Pico team helped the show burst vibrantly into life, working every available hour to make this one of our most successful events.

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Amway Green Life Fiesta
Hong Kong