Toyota at Sandance Festival

Sandance, Dubai’s premiere music festival, is an annual gathering of world-renowned musicians. Welcoming fans from all over the Emirates and beyond, this five star music festival boasts an impressive lineup of main stage events, backstage experiences, VVIP treats and of course – incredible music.

From campaign conceptualization to design and fabrication, Pico created an unconventional and hip image for Toyota through a series of activations, giveaways and light-based interactive displays which brought the concepts and elements of a music beach party to life.

Helping Toyota become synonymous with live music events and getting the young target audience to see that ‘Toyota is cool & edgy’, Pico provided signature activations on the master theme of each event, like Mardi Gras, Carnival and Moonlight. Keeping the energy and creativity levels high, we have helped each successive Sandance event grow in size – at the recent October 2013 Sandance, there was a turnout of 16,000 people, and the buzz continues to grow.

Pico also engaged the audience through the innovative use of social media ­– including the ‘Make Some Noise’ campaign, which pulled the festival audience in with the ultimate social activity – cheering! The Toyota Roar and Noisemeter competition encouraged the partygoers to scream and shout – and those with loudest and longest scream won.

But the most creative star of the show was the Toyota POSE! Activation, a fun activity which allowed party people to pose for an optical illusion-based photo-op and then immediately upload the results to Facebook. Hundreds of photos were uploaded, each full of smiles and happy faces.

Through these creative social media engagements, Pico ensured that everyone was talking about Toyota, both at the festival and online!

“The experience provided for visitors was resource-effective, easy and sustainable to produce, yet also very successful in attracting guest participation and interaction. Through the integration of basic social media applications, it was very effective in spreading and multiplying the intended message at rather low cost. The design thereby certainly achieved the desired publicity impact at very reasonable value for money. In the context of a music festival this kind of experience to promote a car brand is unexpected, new and innovative.” - Mr. Peter Benz, Professor of Spatial Design, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

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Toyota at Sandance Festival