Chevy Fun Drive 2014

Pico’s challenge was to heighten Chevrolet’s momentum in the market against the backdrop of fierce competition. Our team needed to ensure that Chevrolet’s brand stayed relevant to consumers.

The campaign focused on energising the brand, and having collaborated with Chevrolet on numerous occasions, we knew the best way to fuel the campaign was through Chevrolet’s key message: ‘the power of play’. What better way to play with a car than to test drive it?

To bring the fun into focus, Pico created a playground for test drivers divided into three key sections. First, we developed a track for consumers to test the braking, handling and suspension of the new cars. Second came a ‘mountain simulation’ climb up a steep ramp, showcasing the Trailblazer’s four wheel drive abilities. Lastly, we devised an obstacle course where consumers had to race their way through cones, ‘kick’ a giant soccer ball and score a goal. The drivers with the shortest time were asked back for a final showdown to fight for the grand prize.

The odds were stacked against Pico on this campaign given the situation in Thailand in late May, 2014. This created a number of unusual circumstances for our team, as roadblocks needed to be taken into consideration when the test drive was being designed. Despite this considerable hindrance, Pico’s Chevrolet event was a success with customers flowing in steadily despite the heat. Participants not only left the event feeling like they had had a great time, most importantly – they left feeling excited about Chevrolet.

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Chevy Fun Drive 2014
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