Pico Activates Hytera’s New Showroom

Hytera Communications Co. Ltd. is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional mobile radio communications equipment. Based in Shenzhen, Hytera has become a key player in the professional mobile radio communication industry, with a large global customer base in more than 80 countries and regions. Celebrating their twentieth anniversary in 2013, the company commissioned Pico to design and fabricate a showroom for their impressive array of products.

There were numerous challenges involved in the task, as we were required to dismantle the original office space then re-plan and design it as an 1,100 sq. m. showroom. Adjustments needed to be made to the air-conditioning, electricity and fire control systems, while a structural challenge further complicated matters: numerous pillars in the office needed to be removed to make the exhibition space more open and practical.

The theme for the showroom was developed using the wing element from the company’s logo. The result is a graceful, sleek and spacious showroom which will serve Hytera well as they continue to prosper in the years ahead.

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Hytera New Showroom