The Inauguration of ‘Manama, the Capital of Gulf Tourism 2016’

A lavish ceremony made for a particularly memorable official launch of ‘Manama Capital of Gulf Tourism 2016’. 

Much of the ceremony’s monumental appeal came from its backdrop – the iconic Bab Al Bahrain, or ‘Gateway to Bahrain’. Pico had selected the landmark as a powerfully symbolic location, with its striking architecture both expressing the cultural heritage of Bahrain and welcoming visitors to the Kingdom.

To kick it all off, Pico developed a complex show of pyrotechnics and live performances by traditional musicians, dancers and horses. All the elements were interwoven into a continuous spectacle that kept the crowds transfixed, reaching its crescendo as 3D video mapping against the 60-metre walls of the Bab Al Bahrain brought to life the history and touristic attractions of the Kingdom.

The event came after the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) selection of Manama as a prime tourist destination, citing Bahrain’s fascinating culture and wide range of visitor activities. As a ‘Capital of Gulf Tourism’, the year 2016 will see Manama introduce an array of engaging programmes and promotions to further enhance its tourist appeal.

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The Inauguration of ‘Manama, the Capital of Gulf Tourism 2016’
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