The Japan Gas Association at WGC 2015

The World Gas Conference is an internationally conference in the global gas industry. Held only once every three years, thousands of professionals from 600 organisations and 100 countries attended the 26th iteration of the conference, WGC 2015, which showcased the industry’s cutting-edge technological and commercial advancements which were featured in dedicated pavilions, live demonstrations and product launches.

Pico was asked to design and construct a booth for the Japan Gas Association that would remind visitors of Japan. Using Japanese-style wallpaper – a characteristic feature of many traditional Japanese houses – the team also projected a video of natural scenes from the four seasons inside the booth. The slow pace of the video combined with the wooden décor of the booth created a unique and exceptionally Japanese atmosphere. Below the exhibits and panels lay beds of stones which evoked Japanese rock gardens, a small detail which enhanced the feel of the whole project.

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The Japan Gas Association at WGC 2015
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