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Huawei Connect 2016

Huawei Connect 2016 was an integrated conference put on for the global ICT ecosystem in Shanghai earlier this year. A true mega-event, over 20,000 industry leaders came together in Shanghai to help create a better connected world, usher in a smart society, and shape the digital transformation of industries. The largest industry gathering in Huawei’s history, the conference combined Huawei’s cloud congress, network congress, and developer‘s congress into a single dynamic event. This was an enormous project for Pico, involving two offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Spread over 10,000 sq. m., the conference brought together 18 Huawei business units, connecting and bringing these units together in one hall in a constellation of technology and communication. The event employed technology like augmented and virtual reality as well as a host of interactive activities. In addition to designing, producing and fabricating many aspects of the event, we also helped Huawei calculate and analyse the visitor numbers to each section to help them determine the most popular booth. Despite the tight timeline and the numerous changes which occurred during the lead up, we delivered a flawless and perfect event which brought our cooperation with Huawei to the next level.

Conference & Exhibition Management

Jaguar Land Rover Evoque Seesaw Display

The Idea Take a fundamental childhood experience – the seesaw – and transform it into a world record challenge for a global car brand. The Story Deep down, we are all children at heart. We love to play and have fun, and we really love a thrilling – and dangerous! – spectacle. So when Jaguar Land Rover asked us to develop a show-stopping campaign to drive online voting for their new Evoque Convertible and Hardtop brands, well, we couldn’t resist. Our client wanted to ensure that the vehicle kept its cool and unique image and gained ground on the competition. The client turned to Pico, seeking an unconventional campaign that would dazzle, shine and create brand appeal for both the Evoque Hardtop and Convertible. The team went back in time to our childhoods, thinking long and hard about all the fun things we did. Lots of thoughts and emotions bubbled up through our minds – how much pleasure it gave us to be around cool cars, the excitement of exciting and daring feats, the joy of playground equipment like slides, rocking horses and seesaws. What about…a seesaw for cars. A record-breaking one! And we were off! We spent two months working with structural engineers designing the longest vehicle seesaw the world had ever seen. Located against a dynamic urban backdrop, in Shanghai Expo Celebration Square, suspended 45 feet off the ground and a mighty 82 feet long, the seesaw balanced the Jaguar Land Rover Evoque Convertible on one side and the Evoque Hardtop on the other. The campaign integrated both Above-The-Line(ATL) and Below-The-Line (BTL) elements in the unprecedented five-week long campaign. The client proposed popularising the event through a live vote on Sina Weibo. Pico team responded by setting up a unique voting system which saw the results of the vote broadcast live on an LED screen at the top of the seesaw – the seesaw actually moved according to which car got more votes! Meanwhile, the event was also advertised through a variety of different formats around the venue – road flags, light boxes in parking areas and an outdoor backdrop ad beginning one week before the event. After careful preparation and several last-minute adjustments to take the rain into account, it was time for the fun. When the online votes started coming in, the cars rocked back and forth in the sky thanks to the pure skill of two professional driving instructors, using no hydraulic pressure at all. Guinness Book of World Records While the Evoque Hardtop eventually ‘won’ the poll with 16,789 votes; everyone was a winner when the official representative from the Guinness Book of World Records announced that we had broken the world record for the longest vehicle seesaw at 25.077m (82 feet 3 inches). It was only appropriate to cap off the evening with a victory lap for the Evoque Hardtop through the seesaw and onto the stage, and with a final stunning fireworks display. What a fantastic time! The Numbers Audience: around 30,000 on site, Online engagement stats: -23,107,000 viewed the live stream - Total view figures on the brand’s Weibo channel was double the previous view record of the Evoque campaign and 3.3 times higher than the average page view number of the platform. The Reaction The challenging launch campaign showed the constant pursuit of innovation of Land Rover and the unique lifestyle of the Evoque. We are honoured and proud to have broken the Guinness World Record for the longest vehicle seesaw. -Mr Mark Hall, ‎Executive Vice President of Integrated Marketing Sales and Service (IMSS) [IMSS was jointly established by Jaguar Land Rover China and Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co., Ltd.] This was a challenging, innovative and interesting project. There were demanding controls on both the production of the on-site facilities and the operation of the seesaw.  - Official representative of Guinness World Records

Creative Events

2016 FIA Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix

The FIA Formula E Championship is the world’s first fully electric racing series. Formula E began in 2014 and has been taking the world by storm ever since, driving the future with its fusion of motorsport and entertainment. The third Formula E season began in Hong Kong earlier this month with the first-ever HKT Hong Kong ePrix. This was not only the first time an international event if this size and scale had been held on the unique, dynamic Central harbour front, it was also the biggest motorsport event ever held in Hong Kong. Pico provided full-fledged master project and event management services for the entire exciting spectacle. Our services covered all liaison and co-ordination work with the project stakeholders, including government authorities, police and fire departments, landlords and building representatives. We also provided the overall track infrastructure and facilities, pit lanes, race control rooms and corporate suites, turning a portion of the Central road network – ordinarily crowded with cars, taxis, buses and people – into a fast but secure two-kilometre urban circuit featuring long straightaways and hairpin bends, with concrete blocks and debris fences laid carefully by the roadside as a safety buffer. Our dedicated teams also played a significant role in the project management of all hospitality facilities, e-villages, grandstands and media centres, delivering the all-around excellence such a high-profile event deserved.

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HSBC Rugby Sevens Singapore

In April 2015, Singapore announced that for the next four years, it would join Vancouver, Sydney, Cape Town and Paris as a host city for the 10-leg HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. Held at the city’s iconic National Stadium at Singapore Sports Hub on 16-17 April 2016, the first ‘Singapore Sevens’ was a world-class sporting event – an opportunity to showcase an amazing city and its facilities to rugby fans from around the world. Pico were involved in two distinct capacities: as the event manager, assisting with the conceptualisation of the outdoor fun zone areas; and in fabricating the event’s VIP hospitality suites and interactive zones. The common thread running through both activations was the task of ‘bringing Rugby to the public’ by creating engagement with various activities. The Rugby Challenge Zone Off the field, the outdoor fun zone was a definite highlight of the weekend. Called the Rugby Challenge Zone, fans had the chance to pass a rugby ball like a pro, dress up and become a rugby superhero, or take fun photos with family and friends at the photo booth. Also created were several ‘challenge stations’. Like the other attractions of the Challenge Zone, these were devised by Pico in cooperation with Rugby Singapore to introduce young players to the sport while still being appealing to adult fans. Venue decoration & logistics Leveraging its strong experience with international sporting events, the Pico team provided venue decoration and temporary overlay solutions for all the outdoor activity areas. Inside the stadium, Pico was responsible for providing logistics and venue decoration services. The logistics were particularly complicated for the Singapore Sevens: with 27,000 attendees and 16 international teams competing in fast-paced 15-minute games, timing was everything. The team’s experience and ability to deliver ensured that the players, officials and fans all enjoyed a smooth and comfortable transition from game to game. Hospitality suites Pico’s design effort to create hospitality suites at the venue necessitated several drafts as it evolved to satisfy diverse stakeholders as well as fire and safety regulations. Fabricated as well as designed by the team, the delivered spaces proved the ideal environment for VIP rugby fans – welcoming, comfortable, and close to the action on the field. Comments Angela Zhang, Marketing and Communications Manager at Rugby Singapore Pte Ltd. relates, “The World Sevens Series was a resounding success for its first year back to Singapore and Pico played a big part in realising the dream with us! We received numerous compliments from stakeholders, sponsors and attendees. The team worked well within the constraints to prepare the stadium to host 16 international teams for the event. It was a massive challenge in terms of logistics and set up and they delivered. Thank you, Pico for a job well done and we look forward to bring the event to greater heights next year!”


i Light Marina Bay 2016

Established in 2010, i Light Marina Bay was conceptualised by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) both as a ‘place-making’ event for the Marina Bay precinct, and as a powerful reminder of how everyone can help conserve resources for a better future. Today, it is a true ‘signature event’ with an international appeal, encompassing stunning light art installations and a varied line-up of programming that engages and educates in equal measure. Themed ‘In Praise of Shadows’, the 2016 edition - which also marked the festival’s transition from a biennial to an annual event - aimed to push boundaries even further. The event included a campaign to encourage partners from Marina Bay area and beyond to switch off non-essential lighting and turn down air-conditioning for the duration of the event. It also allowed lighting industry partners such as Philips, Osram and Martin Professional to showcase their technologies through co-created artworks. Equally important, the 2016 edition was to engage the public with more activities, a wider variety of light installations made using energy-saving technologies and recyclable products by local and international artists, and a greater integration of festival activities with attractions at Marina Bay. The Pico team worked closely with URA, playing a pivotal role in organising and executing the event, providing full event management services – from conceptual support and artist management, to sponsorship solicitation and activation, and marketing and PR. Before moving in, the team worked behind the scenes to acquire several official permits needed to stage the event. Pico’s good working relationship with festival partners enabled all the application information to be efficiently gathered and consolidated. The Pico team responded with a well-timed manpower ‘surge’ to ensure the smooth set-up of the event’s 25 light installations while strictly enforcing Workforce Safety and Health guidelines. Maintenance of the installations – which were subject to the wear-and-tear of exposure to the elements and intense human traffic – was carried out continuously over the duration of the festival. Awareness of public safety was of equal importance, given the project’s location at the heart of Singapore’s busy financial district. Setup had to be executed within tight timeframes while foot and road traffic was lightest, leaving little room for error. Close management supervision was key to ensuring that deadlines were met without compromising quality or safety best practices. The same was true for the post-event ‘teardown’ period, which had to be accomplished within a minimum timeframe, with minimum defects, while ensuring public and worker safety. The visual signature of i Light Marina Bay comprised 25 innovative sustainable lighting installations designed by artists from Singapore and around the world, including Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Israel, Norway and the USA. Fourteen installations were created by local artists and students, underscoring the emphasis on local participation for the 2016 edition. The large number of installations and parties involved meant that the Pico team had to be highly coordinated and efficient to complete them all during the week the international artists were in Singapore. Complementing i Light Marina Bay’s fusion of urban space and illuminative art were performances and several outdoor dining options. Another notable aspect of the programme was ‘Switch Off, Turn Up’, a sequel to a similar energy saving campaign which attracted the participation of 52 buildings during the previous festival. For the 2016 edition, 73 buildings – 40 per cent more – committed to the campaign. Building on these successes, subsequent editions of i Light Marina Bay will be held annually rather than biennially. Jason Chen, Director for Place Management, URA, commented: “The festival has gained a strong following… Holding it annually at Marina Bay will allow more people to enjoy the light art installations, and more importantly, to heed our message about sustainability.” The key message of this festival aims to remind us that everyone can play their part to conserve resources for our greater future.   ROI/Results i Light Marina Bay 2016 met or exceeded organiser expectations: - More than 700,000 visitors - Generated over S$20 million in PR value - Generated over S$2 million in international media (AVE) value - Attracting high-profile corporate sponsors including Marina Bay Sands, Tudor, The Fullerton Heritage, Häagen-Dazs and OUE

Sustainability Events

Beijing International Automotive Exhibition 2016

Inaugurated in 1990, Auto China - the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition - has grown to become one of the world's top auto shows. Held this year between 25 April and 4 May at the China International Exhibition Center, the 2016 event was the biggest and best yet. A few statistics: Auto China 2016 occupied a colossal 220,000 sq. m. of space, or 22 hectares. Over 1,600 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions participated, showcasing 1,179 vehicles from more than 100 brands hailing from every corner of the world to a staggering total audience of 815,000 visitors. There were 112 new vehicles unveiled over the course of the show, including 79 from Chinese brands and 33 from international marques - making this a truly world-leading event. Pico turned on the turbo for Auto China 2016, delivering a range of comprehensive services for a total of 18 brands. LEXUS For international giant LEXUS, we designed, built and project managed an exciting and challenging series of activations, spread over three booths that were located indoors and outdoors. The goal of our LEXUS activation was to show off the brand's outstanding and luxurious features from various angles and engage visitors on multiple levels. Through a moveable screen, cutting-edge lighting, audio and precision timing, we provided the perfect showcase for the international launch of the new LEXUS model IS, the Asian debut of the LEXUS LC500h, and the Chinese launch of the LEXUS LF-FC. Our work for LEXUS attracted numerous compliments from high level management from LEXUS, the media, dealers and visitors alike. Toyota We also provided design and fabrication services for Toyota's massive 2,495 sq. m. stand. The stand included a VIP room, a HYBRID technology section, a stage and a generous exhibition showcase area. The booth's futuristic look was enhanced through decorative elements created with integrated circuits and the inner components of computer hardware, while the bold use of colour enhanced both the high-tech and high-quality elements of the brand. The Toyota booth's faced walls were building modeling with LED screens projecting 3D high-definition video, while Toyota's dual-engine technology display area was designed with square sharp and uneven luminosity wall to highlight the futuristic feel. Infiniti For Infiniti's 441 sq. m. presence at Auto China 2016, our design and build teams were tasked with improving the awareness and influence of Infiniti in the China market through a stunning, high-quality booth. Leopaard The up-and-coming brand Leopaard chose our team to provide design, fabrication and project management work for their 513 sq. m. stand. Their booth's complex structure and the LED screen installation work, which included interactive AR screen technology, made this project a challenge during the fabrication stage, but the results were undoubtedly worth it. Many more Our teams were also extremely busy delivering design, build and operations and project management services for SAIC Commercial Vehicles; design, build and project management services for Soueast; detailed design development and build services for Nissan; and detailed design development, build and operations management services for Brilliance and GAC Fiat Chrysler. We also provided fabrication services for DF Peugeot, Dongfeng, Mitsubishi, Jatco and LeEco; build and operations management services for Venucia; build and operations management services for Ferrari, and project management services for Volvo and Geely. All in all, Auto China was a roaring success for everyone involved.


Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo

The inaugural Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo, organised by the Agricultural Committee of Hunan Province and the People’s Government of Chenzhou City, was held at the Chenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (CZCEC) in early December 2015. Featuring a wide range of specialty agricultural products from Chenzhou and other provinces all across the Greater China region, including Taiwan, this first show aimed high, targeting the local public and buyers within the province and hoping to attract large numbers of exhibitors and visitors. Pico was tasked with providing a wide scope of services for this large-scale event including special design and fabrication, shell scheme construction, event and facility management and on-site support. Through our management of the CZCEC, Pico was responsible for multiple aspects of this huge show. First, we provided design and construction services for the government’s six special booths in the ‘Chenzhou Government Departments’ zone of the expo, as well as two other corporate booths. We also provided shell scheme construction for numerous other booths. Pico took complete charge of the management of the expo throughout its course, managing the 21 themed pavilions and six special zones which occupied 48,000 sq. m. of exhibition space on two levels of the CZCEC. Thanks to excellent pre-show communication and publicity, the Expo drew exhibitors and visitors from across Hunan Province and the Greater China region, as well as overseas exhibitors from Malaysia. As this was a debut show, there were an enormous number of variables to manage, as well as an extremely tight schedule and a very short lead time to factor in. While these challenges are normal for any show, the fact that this was the first show of its kind created a true pressure cooker environment, and required the team to go above and beyond and be incredibly flexible and responsive. The team is proud of the success of the show which attracted 236,000 visitors over 5 days, well exceeding the organiser’s expectations. The Agricultural Committee of Chenzhou City was quoted as saying that “The Chenzhou CEC staff provided excellent service during the exhibition. There was great cooperation among project team members, smooth logistics arrangements and satisfying on-site service.” Participants: 236,000 Deals closed on site: sales amounts up to RMB410 million Contracts and MOUs signed on site: up to RMB2.05 billion Investment contracts agreed on site: up to RMB5.8 billion

Exhibitions Venue Management

Dongfeng Nissan and Venucia Showroom

Not all showrooms are created just for show. In the case of Dongfeng Nissan’s new showroom in its Guangzhou headquarters, the story of the marque is on display just as prominently as its products – inspiring customers and staff alike. A joint venture between Japan’s Nissan and China’s Dongfeng Group, Dongfeng Nissan has grown to become one of China’s largest carmakers. Appropriately, the cars themselves greet visitors to this Pico-designed showroom, along with the latest developments in eco-drive and other technologies. But as visitors move deeper into the 200 square metre space, they also move deeper into the heart of the brand behind the cars through a carefully-orchestrated blend of form, graphics and colour. Adjoining the display area – and perfectly complementing the latest products by giving them context – is an eye-catching ‘history wall’ containing highlights of the marque’s development. Nearby too is an area themed after Venucia, one of the Group’s sub-brands, adding a further dimension to visitors’ perception of the brand. As they arrive in the space’s ‘smiling corridor’, visitors come face-to-face with the brand’s most essential source of strength – its people. A definite high point of the showroom, the installation conveys the spirit of the company’s culture while inviting visitors to connect with it personally, rather than solely through its outstanding product.

Interior & Retail

Explorium - Omni-channel Business Research Laboratory

Pico Plus’ unique 360-degree integrated marketing capabilities allowed Pico to play a significant role throughout the planning and implementation of a new large-scale retail laboratory in Shanghai. Named ‘Explorium’, the laboratory is an omni-channel platform and exhibition dedicated to conducting rapid experimentation with omni-channel techniques and trends that are shaping the future of retail. Explorium is operated by the Fung Group in partnership with Pico and IBM. It is located within more than 23,000 sq. m. (nearly 250,000 sq. ft.) of trade exhibition space at LiFung Plaza, where it provides a controlled setting for businesses to observe and explore in real time how consumers interact with new technologies, products and environments. Among the technologies in the laboratory are virtual-reality fitting rooms, magic mirrors that bring images to life and 3D printing for creating customised products. Brands are also using Explorium to understand opportunities in China for their products and services, based on consumer feedback collected and analysed at the laboratory. Retailers are also using it to test different store concepts. Lawrence Chia, Pico’s Group Chairman said, “We are extremely pleased to have our strong project team working with leaders from the retail and data technology industries and have played a vital part in the strategy, planning and execution of Explorium in areas related to branding, experiential marketing and digital media.” Fung Group Chairman Dr Victor K. Fung said the initiative was sparked by challenges occurring in retail across the world, especially in China. “Everything we thought we knew about how consumers decide upon what they buy, where they buy, when they buy, how they buy and how they pay is changing.” Dr Fung added that there were no preconceived ideas about which omni-channel business models would emerge from Explorium. “As with most experiments of any lasting value, the greatest measure of success may simply be how much we learn from the results,” he said. “A key advantage for participating brands and retailers is that, with Explorium, they can experiment, incubate and iterate at high speed while minimising their cost and risk.”

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