Foton & Forland Commercial Booths at Automech Motor Show

Foton Motor Company is a trans-regional, trans-industry and trans-ownership multi-billion dollar organization headquartered in Beijing, China. Forland, officially a business unit of Foton, is the largest truck manufacturer in China. Forland is known in Asia as an innovator in the ways of running a large enterprise in the machinery industry.

Pico Egypt was appointed to present Foton’s commercial portfolio as well as Forland’s key models for the Middle East market at Automech Formula 2014. Building on corporate brand guidelines, Pico ensured that the booth areas were optimized to allow enough space for the full display of the large motor vehicles, while making sure the brand logos caught the attention of Egyptian traders attending the exhibition.

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Foton  |  Forland
Foton & Forland Commercial Booths at Automech Motor Show