'Voices' Variety Show Hits the Road

V.QQ.COM, the video platform of the tech giant Tencent, joined hands with celebrated TV show ‘The Voice of China’ to produce an open audition for the show, called ‘V.QQ.COM - VOICES’. Promoting the V.QQ.COM brand and the originality of the show, this travelling audition visited Beijing, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shanghai in search of audition candidates.

Pico provided turnkey planning, fabrication and operations management services for the field recording, ensuring that the V.QQ.COM brand was clearly highlighted in every location. Our team used black and red as the main stage colours, which echoed the brand image of ‘The Voice of China’, creating an eye-catching and elegant effect; while the entire layout and set-up of the stage, lighting and backdrop was geared towards promoting the V.QQ.COM brand.

The team encountered a number of complex elements, including negotiations with venue providers in different cities and the need to ensure smooth communication between celebrities, audiences and the film crew, but these were expertly handled and ultimately the recording was a success and ran smoothly in every city. The programme has now been uploaded and is available as exclusive content on V.QQ.COM. Pico would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all audition winners who successfully went on to enter the final rounds of ‘The Voice of China’!

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'Voices' Variety Show Hits the Road
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