2013 Audi Ice and Snow Experience

The Audi Ice and Snow Experience Event is Audi’s thrilling annual snow driving showcase. This two-week event in January 2013 marked the 9th year of China’s most professional - and spectacular - snow driving experience event. Pico was commissioned by the client, FAW - Volkswagen Sales Co. Ltd., to construct the venue for this event in the frosty Changbai Mountains in Jilin Province.

Designed to showcase Audi’s incredible Quattro technology and superlative control in demanding weather conditions, this event has already become famous with motoring fans across Asia. The main ingredient for success is, of course, a plentiful supply of snow and ice; and over the last decade, the Audi Ice and Snow Experience Event has drawn big crowds and enjoyed a great reception in locations around China including Manzhouli, Harbin and the Changbai Mountains.

For Pico teams, the 2013 event took place in a challenging environment: the temperature stayed consistently between -20 and -10 degrees Celcius: perfect for the event, but it made for frosty working conditions! Much like Audi’s precision automobiles, our people powered through to deliver on time and on budget. Not only that, the experience we gained from this event will allow us to execute other projects in demanding geographical or weather conditions in the future.

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Audi Ice and Snow Experience
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