2015 China (Xian) Children’s Expo and Carnival

With the recent repealing of its ‘one child policy’, China stands at a threshold of a new era for children – and for products and services aimed at children. In that respect, the inaugural China (Xian) Children’s Expo and Carnival was an engaging indicator of things to come.

Conceived and developed in partnership between the Shangxi Women & Children’s Activity Centre and the Xian Greenland Pico International Convention and Exhibition Centre (GPCEC), the event aimed to inform and entertain in equal measure: kids could join in a variety of entertaining activities, while parents could gain a comprehensive look at the resources, services and products that add up to a happy, enriching childhood.

As the debut of what was intended as a twice-yearly event, the first Children’s Expo & Carnival would create the organisational and programmatic template for future editions. Accordingly, for the GPCEC team, it was critical to get it right the first time.  

The team maximised its efficiency by moving directly from development of the event’s shell scheme to managing the event and providing facility management and on-site support. Even the activities and programmes implemented by event exhibitors were originally conceptualised in detail by GPCEC in close partnership with local schools. The team also collaborated with local educators to develop the event’s marketing campaign and targeted promotion plan.

Held over a four-day period, the event occupied three of the four halls at GPCEC, covering a floor area of approximately 15,000 square metres. Approximately 60,000 visitors attended, easily exceeding organisers’ expectations. Similarly, the more than 300 exhibitors with booths at the event ensured that there was plenty for visitors to see and do – and in many cases, make repeated visits.

Among the many who enjoyed the event was Zhou Manru, Director of the Shangxi Women & Children’s Activity Centre, who commented: “This successful debut paves the way for the Children’s Expo & Carnival to become the Xian region’s most influential infotainment platform for children, parents and educators. It deserves our continuing support.”

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