Asia Salt Opening Ceremony in Kampot Province

Much of our work is conducted indoors, safe and cosy and away from the elements. This comfortable working environment was not forthcoming when Pico was commissioned to design and manage the opening ceremony for Asia Salt - Cambodia’s first evaporation-method salt farm. An important venture for Cambodian industry, Asia Salt’s goal for its first year is to deliver 20,000 tonnes of salt to South Korea. The opening ceremony had to ensure that the project got off on the right foot.

However, being responsible for the design and managing the logistics, collaterals and press coverage for the event meant that our team had to spend a lot of time ‘down on the farm’, outside, in Mother Nature’s embrace. Strong winds, extreme weather and poor road conditions added a lot of complexity to the team’s tasks.

Still, our professionals hunkered down and gave their all, delivering a memorable event to a niche crowd of 50 guests, including the Singapore Ambassador and the Korean Counselor - proving that Pico people can adapt to any environment!

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Asia Salt
Asia Salt Opening Ceremony
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