Audi Sport Experience Centre and Audi Sport Reception Centre

Audi is an internationally-renowned luxury car brand. Its high level of technological innovation and quality and its longstanding global reputation have made it one of the world's most successful automotive brands. The Audi Sport Experience Centre in Beijing is China’s first sports car experience centre, and only the third one in the world, with the other two being in Germany and the U.S.

Pico’s long-term relationship with Audi positioned us perfectly for our role in designing and fabricating this incredible facility. Our team was fully engaged in all areas of this project. With a total area of 1,141 sq. m., the design fit the traditional Audi style: simple, with superb facilities, incredible technology and clear functional divisions.

From the centrepiece professional circuit with its technically perfect infrastructure and facilities, cutting-edge touchscreen technology and robust communication platform, to the professional training teams providing a high-end automotive cultural experience platform; the centre delivers Audi’s philosophy of life and ideas on sportsmanship specifically to Chinese consumers.

Along this journey, the project team faced unprecedented challenges – with only two months for delivery, coordinating the building portion of the schedule presented a number of difficulties. In addition, Audi’s high expectations in terms of details and completion and the acceptance criteria meant that no effort could be spared. In the end, the project team met Audi’s ambitious objectives and proudly delivered this outstanding centre. 

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Audi Sport Experience Centre and Audi Sport Reception Centre