BAE Systems at Australian International Airshow 2013

An airshow presents unique challenges and opportunities for users of exhibition space. Exhibitors must work exceptionally hard to be ‘noticed’, given the high level of background action and excitement. BAE Systems Australia, a market leader in the Australian defence industry, used the space in their 108 sq. m. exhibition stand and 200 sq. m. external business unit to fly high above their competitors at the Australian International Airshow.

To draw in their target clients, Pico’s design team helped create an engaging and information-rich space which captured the company’s identity and presented key themes and messages in a variety of comprehensive and compelling “story-like” scenarios. The space itself focused on the thrill of BAE Systems products: fast jet sustainment, training solutions and missile and UAV guidance and control systems, to name a few. Sensational interactive elements helped drive the stories of these products forward, while thoughtfully-designed lighting elements kept visitors focused.

BAE Systems at Australian International Airshow 2013 Care was also taken to ensure that environmental elements were employed in the project. All internal lighting was LED, while the 6m. lightboxes were backlit with slim LEDs. All prints used water-based inks printed on reusable fabric skins. Walling and structural components were spray finished using industry-leading GreenTEC Waterborne technology; and finally, all flooring consisted of modular and reusable tiles. Each element was carefully chosen to ensure no design protocols were sacrificed. Working at the airshow did present some challenges, as all major event structures were temporary. With no permanent structures to work around, design teams often had to think laterally in order to ensure the consistency of the design. In the end, the design and execution of the space was a great success, with no need to strike a compromise between concept and delivery.

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BAE Systems
Australian International Airshow 2013
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