Cathay Pacific Experience Centre

Covering an area of 5,000 sq. ft., the Cathay Pacific Experience Centre is situated at the Cathay City near the Hong Kong International Airport. With an objective to publicise the airline's history and promote its corporate image, the Cathay Pacific Experience was designed and constructed in a space consisting of several distinct galleries. 

The main gallery focuses on the early stages of the airline company; the second concentrates on the development of Cathay Pacific; and the third gallery explains how the company has evolved into the airline it is today.  

With the cooperation of Cathay Pacific staff members, the designers started with research and interviews for an in-depth understanding of the spirit of this airline.

Guests board a virtual flight and journey through Cathay Pacific Airways' history. The designers created a sensor activated media, graphics and artefact displays. Materials such as frosted plexiglass and stainless steel, and theatrical lighting were combined to create an immersive environment. The "magic" 1940s newspapers, an interactive flight network with globe projection, a flight loading game, multiple audio pieces and panoramic video finale engages visitors on many levels.

The predominant colours are white, light blue wash, with red and grey accents. Visitors feel as if they are taking off from the turbulent 40s, soaring through the 60's, 70's and onwards. One can appreciate how the airline operates behind the scenes through the use of interactive media technology and clever design. 

Both Cathay Pacific Airways and China Civil Aviation responded positively to the successful outcome that resulted from the excellent work by the design team.

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Cathay Pacific Experience Centre
Hong Kong
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