Celebrating Ramadan in Bahraini Shopping Malls

Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, is marked by fasting and religious observation but also by festivities and celebrations. This year, Pico designed and fabricated special Ramadan stands at three major malls in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

At Bahrain City Center, the largest mall in the Kingdom, Pico designed, set up and managed the Lewan Ramadan stand in the mall’s main galleria. Hosting family-oriented activities and bringing to life traditional Bahraini culture and traditions, the stand was designed to keep family values alive and connect all visitors to the essence of Ramadan. Pico have been involved in the mall’s Ramadan decoration projects for years and we are pleased and proud to be a trusted provider for the client.

Seef Mall is Bahrain’s second-largest mall and they also turned to Pico to design and manage a Ramadan stand to increase footfall and create an attractive and memorable environment for visitors. With fun activities like face painting, a quiz show and a raffle at the end of the month, the brief was to create something for everyone. The project was not without its challenges - especially the design’s hanging features, which looked spectacular but were highly complex to install safely.

Finally, at Moda Mall, the Kingdom’s most exclusive shopping destination, Pico provided Ramadan and Eid decoration setup services. Again, ensuring decorative items were safely and uniformly installed proved to be a very labour-intensive process, especially given the 9-10 metre height of the domes into which some of the decorations needed to be hoisted. Thanks to Pico’s belief that ‘nothing is impossible when the team pulls together’, we managed to set the stage for a perfect Ramadan celebration for these three special places.

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Celebrating Ramadan in Bahraini Shopping Malls
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