Challenges and Triumphs at the 2011 BOI Fair

Thailand’s Board of Investment (BOI) fair is by far the country’s biggest expo, made even more significant by its rarity, as it was last held in 2000. Eleven years later, the 2011 edition of the show was set to be the best show ever, with 84 pavilions spread over the gigantic 240,000 sq. m. indoor and outdoor space.

Pico was being appointed an official contractor for the show and involved in developing the BOI main pavilion. The theme ‘Going Green for the Future’ was chosen to underline BOI’s support of industries and technologies which protect the environment.

Preparations for the show went smoothly throughout 2011, however, as autumn approached the situation became somewhat dramatic. By the scheduled show date of 10 November, the infamous floods of the 2011 monsoon season had reached the gates of Bangkok, forcing the show’s postponement to January 2012.

Being experts in flexibility and crisis management, Pico rose to the occasion, and once the floods had abated, we delivered an excellent performance; creating high-quality pavilions for Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota, Toshiba Thailand, Dentsu, Gulf JP, Dow Chemical, ISUZU, NOE Concept Design (Shanghai), Getabec, Mitsubishi and the host BOI pavilion.
The Toshiba Pavilion was particularly spectacular, and truly brought the show’s theme of environmental protection to life. Responsible for design, construction and pavilion management, Pico activated the theme of ‘A Smart Community for Future Society’; showing how nature, technology and humanity can coexist harmoniously.

The 500 sq. m. pavilion’s exterior was lined with 20,000 pieces of environmentally-friendly bamboo - demonstrating the flexibility, heat-dissipating and reusability of the material. Inside, various exhibits in zones including Smart Energy, Smart Home and Smart City revealed the many ways in which Toshiba’s technology is improving people’s quality of life.
After the show’s close, almost all the materials in the pavilion were reused, with the bamboo being used to build a dam and the metal being reused for other projects; making it a practically waste-less pavilion.

Though it took place later than planned, BOI 2011 was nothing short of a triumph for Pico. Not only did we deliver outstanding work to our clients in the face of unusual challenges, our clients’ pavilions were the most-visited at the fair. Pico also came second in the Best Design Awards at the show, for our work on the Nissan Pavilion.
As a bonus, despite the difficult environment, we managed to control budgeting and costs during the crisis and realised a healthy profit margin.

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BOI Fair 2011