Champion Green Vision Concept Showroom

Champion Building Materials is a Taiwanese tile manufacturer founded in 1972. The company has recorded impressive growth over the past 43 years, and Champion is currently one of the top three brands in the high-end tile market in China. To realise the company’s ambitious vision for their flagship Taipei showroom, Champion was looking for the best of the best.

Champion involved four strong companies and an interior design house in the bidding for this project. Thanks to our proven track record and excellent bid, Pico came out on top and was selected to provide interior design and planning, fit-out, multimedia and interactive content production, and other services for the 1,040 sq. m. showroom.

Designed as a green concept education and entertainment space based around the company’s strong green ethics, the showroom had to carefully balance function, aesthetics and environmental sustainability. Ultimately, Champion wanted visitors to be able to understand the company’s products and corporate culture through a fun and educational multimedia journey.

Working closely with the company, Pico expertly brought Champion’s vision to life. Going above and beyond to offer more value-added services, we even provided suggestions on mascot design and social media, integrated marketing and online-to-offline promotions to help Champion deliver its green vision concept and enhance their brand image.

“The Green Vision Concept Showroom is a success to Champion.  The visitor flow is smooth, the multimedia design is fun and educational. Overall, it was a good experience for our company and visitors. We are thankful that Pico’s team fulfilled the showroom’s concept with us!” - Ms Hsiao, Champion Marketing Team

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Champion Green Vision Concept Showroom