Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo

The inaugural Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo, organised by the Agricultural Committee of Hunan Province and the People’s Government of Chenzhou City, was held at the Chenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (CZCEC) in early December 2015.

Featuring a wide range of specialty agricultural products from Chenzhou and other provinces all across the Greater China region, including Taiwan, this first show aimed high, targeting the local public and buyers within the province and hoping to attract large numbers of exhibitors and visitors.

Pico was tasked with providing a wide scope of services for this large-scale event including special design and fabrication, shell scheme construction, event and facility management and on-site support.

Through our management of the CZCEC, Pico was responsible for multiple aspects of this huge show. First, we provided design and construction services for the government’s six special booths in the ‘Chenzhou Government Departments’ zone of the expo, as well as two other corporate booths. We also provided shell scheme construction for numerous other booths.

Pico took complete charge of the management of the expo throughout its course, managing the 21 themed pavilions and six special zones which occupied 48,000 sq. m. of exhibition space on two levels of the CZCEC. Thanks to excellent pre-show communication and publicity, the Expo drew exhibitors and visitors from across Hunan Province and the Greater China region, as well as overseas exhibitors from Malaysia.

As this was a debut show, there were an enormous number of variables to manage, as well as an extremely tight schedule and a very short lead time to factor in. While these challenges are normal for any show, the fact that this was the first show of its kind created a true pressure cooker environment, and required the team to go above and beyond and be incredibly flexible and responsive.

The team is proud of the success of the show which attracted 236,000 visitors over 5 days, well exceeding the organiser’s expectations.

The Agricultural Committee of Chenzhou City was quoted as saying that “The Chenzhou CEC staff provided excellent service during the exhibition. There was great cooperation among project team members, smooth logistics arrangements and satisfying on-site service.”

Participants: 236,000
Deals closed on site: sales amounts up to RMB410 million
Contracts and MOUs signed on site: up to RMB2.05 billion
Investment contracts agreed on site: up to RMB5.8 billion

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Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo