China-Singapore Commodity and RMB Summit

Capitalising on China’s increasing financial clout across world markets, Bank of China decided to launch two global commodity business centres outside China. The two centres, a global energy commodities business centre and global commodities repo centre, will be based in Singapore. The energy commodities centre will provide knowledge and expertise to the bank to enable it to increase its reach in the energy sector; while the repo centre will serve commodities companies by structuring ‘repo’ deals, which involve buying commodities under an agreement to sell them back at a later date.

The launch of the two centres was held concurrently with a summit where business leaders discussed various aspects of the Chinese currency, the RMB. Bank of China also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with International Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Business Federation, and a cooperation agreement with Singapore Exchange at the summit.

Pico designed and created the theme for this complex and important event, developed the main concept and key visuals for the conference, and provided event management, design and fabrication services, and simultaneous language translation services on the event day.

Held at the Mandarin Orchard, the conference was attended by the top heads of Bank of China. It goes without saying that we needed to ensure a minimum number of hitches and deliver the best possible outcome. Thanks to the experience and dedication of our team, this is precisely what we did.

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China-Singapore Commodity and RMB Summit