China International Marine Containers Showroom

If not quite a household name, China International Marine Containers Group Ltd – CIMC for short – nevertheless makes an important contribution to countless households across the globe. A leader in logistics and energy, their products are vital to not just producing goods, but to getting them from one place to another.

This new showroom in CIMC’s headquarters in Shenzhen was conceived precisely to make that point. To bring it to life, the firm selected Pico to provide project management, interior design, multimedia content and construction services. The design evolved as a sleek, contemporary space that conveyed CIMC’s international standing and provided a versatile backdrop to display the firm’s expertise in containers, vehicles, chemical and food equipment, logistics and other specialties.

For the designers, the main challenge was harmonising the showroom’s new architecture with the look and feel of the existing office space around it. This was achieved through painstaking attention to materials, colours, textures and lighting, as well as ensuring a high standard of fit and finish throughout the space. In the end, the achievement was more than the sum of its parts: more than just products are on display here – the space is also making a powerful statement about global leadership.

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China International Marine Containers Showroom
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