China National Offshore Oil Corporation Showroom

The world of oil exploration is traditionally a very specialised business. Highly dangerous and highly technical, this world is generally a mystery to the general public. The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) decided to demystify parts of this world with their new showroom.

The 1,500 sq. m. showroom, located at their headquarters in Beijing, delved into the history of China’s offshore oil exploration, exhibited the corporation’s numerous achievements and explored the future of the industry. Interactive games, graphics, models and multimedia displays allowed visitors to experience the danger and challenges that exist in this industry, while also witnessing the advancements in technology and environmental strategy.

Designed and executed by Pico, this project realized CNOOC’s wish to show the public how oil is recovered from the seabed and show the future prospects of the industry from a number of different angles.

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China National Offshore Oil Corporation Showroom