Cityscape Egypt 2015

Cityscape Egypt is Egypt’s leading international property exhibition. Cityscape's portfolio of global exhibitions, conferences, seminars and business breakfasts consistently brings together a large cross-section of real estate professionals from around the country. The Cityscape Egypt exhibition showcases a wide range of developments, catering to the needs of everyone from private and institutional investors to general or first-time home buyers, with more than 100,000 properties on offer over four days.

Pico activated the presence of a number of companies at Cityscape Egypt 2015.


Tatweer Misr

Established in 2014, Tatweer Misr is an Egyptian shareholding real estate company that capitalizes on a wealth of industrial and real estate experience brought to the table by its shareholders. The combined expertise of their management team allows the company to maintain excellence at all levels of their developments. From construction, design and architecture, to landscaping and lifestyle services and amenities, Tatweer Misr covers all the facets of the real estate industry, offering a fresh outlook to stakeholders of their projects.

Tatweer Misr’s participation at Cityscape Egypt 2015 was crucial to promote two key projects – ‘Gala’ and ‘Fouka’. Pico was brought in to design and construct an exhibition stand for to meet their requirements. Our team of professionals worked tirelessly to produce a grand exhibition stand using 3D shapes. These reflected the modern theme of the brand while also providing an excellent platform to showcase their new products. The open space design provided a welcoming atmosphere which allowed access while giving visitors a clear view of the brand’s products. Multiple seating areas were available in designated spots alongside a reception area and an additional two-storey meeting room. The overall design of the stand exuded professionalism with modern and innovative touches throughout, perfectly representing the Tatweer Misr brand promise.


Madinet Nasr

Madinet Nasr for Housing and Development (MHND) is a leading real estate development company in Egypt which provides a wide range of products and services that aim to bring the home ownership dream to life. Affordability, exceptional design and a unique blend of city and suburban life are the building blocks of MHND communities.

Pico was appointed to design MHND’s exhibition stand for Cityscape Egypt 2015. Our team successfully captured the client’s brand with a luxurious stand which replicated a modern house, complete with new inspirational lines, colours and accessories. The overall stand incorporated the brand’s strong capabilities while promoting an appealing and inviting atmosphere with a reception, seating and meeting area occupying the stand. Palm trees and a grass garden were also added to complete the “Modern House” look.


Wadi Degla

Wadi Degla Holding Company (WDH) has successfully created a bouquet of multifaceted operations, encompassing everything from sports facilities and telecommunications entities to real estate developments and industrial projects.

Their loyalty and commitment through the years have put WDH at the front of the pack, and they are one of the fastest growing companies in Egypt. Being in the sporting club business for more than 10 years, Wadi Degla has brought joy to more than 75,000 families, and is leaving a strong footprint on the real estate market with more than 10 projects across Cairo, Ain El Sokhna and the North Coast.

Wadi Degla Holding’s main objective for their stand at Cityscape Egypt 2015 was to highlight their new sports facilities and real estate projects. Pico was brought in to help WDH achieve this objective. Keeping the client’s objectives top of mind, our team designed and constructed an open style stand that reflected their new brand theme and provided designated open areas to showcase their projects, giving visitors an inviting atmosphere and a clear view of the projects. A reception and a two-storey seating and meeting area occupied one side of the stand, directing attention to the main area where the client’s projects were showcased. The overall design provided a modern, professional and visually pleasing look that perfectly represented the WDH brand.

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Cityscape Egypt 2015