COP 18 Doha

COP 18 is the largest climate change conference that Qatar has ever hosted. It was a meeting of the supreme body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (the UNFCCC).

The 2012 conference was held in December at the Qatar National Convention Centre which is in total around 45,000 sq.m., and brought together 16,000 participants from all 195 member countries, including 6,868 delegates and 5,829 observers, allowing them to discuss and review the implementation of the Convention.

Pico was involved in providing IT infrastructure and temporary overlays across a vast variety of meeting and conferences at the Qatar National Convention Centre for COP 18.  Pico also handled the venue set-up and supply of temporary facilities for international broadcasting and media centres as well as the temporary offices of participating nations. Pico was also invited to provide a turnkey proposal for Qatar Foundation’s exhibition stand at the Sustainability Expo at the Doha Exhibition Centre. Overall, Pico successfully earned recognition from the Organiser as well as the delegates of participating nations and organizations.

The next major UN Climate Change Conference – COP 19 – will take place in Warsaw , Poland , at the end of 2013.

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COP 18 Doha