Creativity Pavilion at International Horticultural Expo

The International Horticultural Expo’s only themed venue, the Creativity Pavilion showcased breakthroughs in horticulture and floriculture products alongside environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies and materials. The theme for the 3,000 square-metre structure was “Creativity Seeds”, an expression of the potential for a harmonious relationship between nature and technology.

The design concept was executed throughout the Pavilion’s three exhibition zones through a range of different display and multimedia technologies. To suggest the key elements of innovation and nature, the entrance foyer featured the Pavilion’s name ‘growing’ from a large rock, with visitors passing beneath oversized flowers suspended from the ceiling. Other innovative exhibits included a giant pumpkin in the Modern Gardening Zone, a virtual holographic instructor in the Plant Factory, and a 360-degree projection tube.

To smooth the transition between the three exhibition sections, the two areas linking them were designed to evoke the four seasons and the four directions of north, south, east and west.

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Creativity Pavilion at International Horticultural Expo
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