Design Think Tank Exhibition at Singapore Discovery Centre

Singapore’s increasingly exciting design scene was on show at this youth-centric exhibition, focusing on the thought process of design and the impact of design on the city. Featuring superb examples of Singaporean design exported to other countries, the aim of the show was to demonstrate the vibrancy of the industry and inspire young designers through the thought-provoking and experiential exhibits.

Working in a relatively small space of 300 sq. m. with a constrained budget, Pico’s creative teams not only designed and developed the event concept, including branding and exhibition storyline; we also fabricated and installed exhibits alongside conceptualisation and production of the multimedia.

Despite a tight budget, the teams took the financial challenge in stride without letting it limit our imagination. Using a mix of light and shadow play, dynamic CMYK colour scheme, lively graphics, simple but effective technology, interactive content and above all, creativity, the team successfully created an engaging, satisfying and immersive multi-sensory experience for visitors.

“The execution is very nicely detailed; materials, components are utilised adequately and innovatively, without ‘over-playing’ their relevance merely for their own sake. Ultimately a design that serves its purpose extremely well without trying to take center-stage.”-Peter Benz, Professor, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University

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Design Think Tank Exhibition at Singapore Discovery Centre
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