Dragages Hong Kong 60th Anniversary

Dragages Hong Kong held an impressive exhibition and cocktail party at Asia World Expo to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary in Hong Kong.

For six decades, Dragages has played a leading role in landmark projects across Hong Kong and North Asia, putting the company firmly on the regional and international map. Much more than a construction company, today Dragages Hong Kong is a full-service provider, bringing innovative design, build, finance and operation solutions to its broad client base.

1,500 guests attended this milestone event, including senior government officials like Carrie Lam, the Chief Secretary, and Paul Chan, the Secretary for Development, who participated alongside members of senior management from Dragages Hong Kong and their parent company Bouygues.

Pico was appointed to be the project management and production company, providing venue decoration and production, show management, video shooting and post production.

Due to the enormous scale of the event structures – the panels alone were eight metres in height for example – devising the appropriate installation methodology and work flow was another significant challenge. Our team met this challenge by working closely with the contractor, starting from planning through to the production and move-in stages. We monitored the move-in progress hourly and our project staff worked in shifts around the clock.

The final challenge involved a limited ceiling height of nine metres coupled with a number of venue hanging restrictions. This meant that a hanging a gigantic 17.6m diameter tunnel boring machine was tricky to say the least. Our well-prepared teams proactively anticipated this challenge during the design phase. We solved the problem by working out a specific installation methodology to use during the move-in. Then we worked backwards and planned ahead to ensure that the output artwork separation, the height load of the overall structure and the location of the hanging truss were all in compliance with the venue hanging restrictions.

We met and exceeded all our targets by delivering technically perfect lighting and audio effects, and creating serious ‘wow factor’ through showcasing real-life construction machines, including the 17.6m diameter tunnel boring machine and several 8m high panels mentioned above.

While we worked with the client’s exacting design specifications when setting up the stage and exhibition, our experienced design team polished and perfected the concept by advising on the optimal spatial requirements of all displays. With the know-how and experience to deliver such a large-scale project, the enormous size of the venue and the display items did not present insurmountable obstacles to our team, rather, they were simply challenges to be met and conquered.

“The team once again proved their efficiency in delivering quality and massive scale of set-up within some 20 hours. The event also ran smoothly with their professional event management support.”
-Nicolas Borit, Managing Director of Dragages Hong Kong Limited

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Dragages Hong Kong 60th Anniversary
Hong Kong