ExxonMobil Asia at FeiPlastic

FeiPlastic – International Plastics Trade Show is the largest show in the manufactured plastics industry in Latin America. In the 2015 edition of the show in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Pico’s challenge was to provide ExxonMobil Asia with two specially-designed booths of a similar size, look and feel located right next to each other. The objective of the project was to provide a large, welcoming presence for the company at the show.

As this was the first project that Pico was appointed as booth builder for ExxonMobil outside of the Asian market, our team was committed to delivering exceptional quality in terms of both construction and services so as to build the client’s confidence for future projects in the North American and Latin American markets.

Due to the vastly different work culture in Brazil and the additional challenge of a language barrier, the successful completion of this project required a huge amount of patience and the use of a unique means of communication – the team actually used various types of diagrams and drawings to get their points across clearly to the local team in Brazil, ensuring that no hiccups were encountered during the execution.

One specific design element presented an additional challenge: the booth design called for a giant chandelier, and the team faced difficulties sourcing this in Brazil. Ultimately, Pico created the final product from scratch using acrylic and LED strips. This presented both design and logistical complexities, as half the chandelier had to be made in Singapore and the other half in Brazil. Nevertheless, the final product was very well received by the client, as was the overall project. They commented that the twin booths were some of the best they had seen at a trade show in the Americas, and were pleasantly surprised to discover that Pico was a global international service provider founded in Asia. 

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ExxonMobil Asia at FeiPlastic
São Paulo
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