Food & Hospitality Expo 2013

Bahrain’s Food and Hospitality Expo brings together food producers, distributors, refrigeration experts, caterers, hoteliers, hygiene experts and many others, the Expo also includes a marketplace showcasing homemade Bahraini food products.

Pico provided comprehensive exhibition services to the organiser and exhibitors, including design, build and project management services. Our aims were to create a dynamic exhibition environment with stage and effect lighting for the whole exhibition hall, to decorate and enhance the visual aspects of the hall, and to provide professional, prompt and high-quality service to the organiser, exhibitors and visitors.

Thanks to a high level of creativity, thoughtful planning and the efficient deployment of resources, there was no compromises made in our service delivery.

Much of this efficiency came from adherence to our Pico Eco environmental initiative: the stages were mostly fabricated using modular Prolyte Stage Decks and Transformit fabric for the backdrops, reducing the use of expensive wood. Traditional Arabic tents were created for the Marketplace area using mostly fabric. Many structural items employed were also re-useable: the shell schemes, trusses, stage decks, LED lights and decorative pieces can all be utilized for other events and exhibitions, which will create real cost savings in the long term.

Efficiency aside, the professionalism, adaptability and flexibility of the team also meant that many last minute requests could be met; providing a pleasant and professional experience to all at the Expo!

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Food & Hospitality Expo
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