Garena Stadium at Bugis+ Shopping Centre

The new Garena Stadium at Singapore’s Bugis+ shopping centre takes the concept of the cybercafé to the next level. Approached by Garena, a leading online game service provider in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, to create a multipurpose lifestyle area that will attract both gaming enthusiast and non-enthusiast alike, the Pico team extended the reach of the Garena brand with the design and build of a one stop location that combines cyber gaming, retail store, customer service center and a café together.

Stretching over 500 sq. m., the new Garena Stadium is defined by bold colours of red, black and white to create a dynamic interior and ambience. To break up the space without disrupting the flow, a connecting tunnel featuring energy saving decorative LED lights was used to create a seamless transition from the gaming area to the retail and café area.

As part of our Pico Eco design philosophy, the new Garena Stadium is also setting new environmental impact-reduction benchmarks with the use of Philips energy-saving halogen bulbs for all lightings and the laminate used in the façade was cut to ensure the least material wastage but yet still maintaining the design intent.

Setting high scores in terms of design, customer satisfaction, environmental awareness and energy saving, the design mission of the Garena Stadium is a success that reflects the vibrancy of the Garena brand.

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Garena Stadium at Bugis+ Shopping Centre