GOYS Conference Opening Ceremony

Bahrain’s General Organization of Youth and Sports (GOYS) is dedicated to providing quality development and motivation programmes and delivering the voice of Bahraini youth, ultimately enriching the Kingdom’s sustainable development and competitive edge.

GOYS held its 2nd International Youth Conference in Manama in May 2014. Pico was appointed to organise the opening ceremony for an audience of VIPs and multinational guests, manage the design and production of the event setup, multimedia, stage show and performances.

Our strong relationship with the client meant delivering a new and fresh experience was a top priority. Numerous other challenges were involved, including the limited time available to coordinate deliverables and overseas performances; and the communications issues involved in multinational teams working together ­– including one project with Japanese performers and Italian multimedia engineers. The Pico team has also been tasked with producing a song to commemorate the event, filming a music video, arranging live stage performances with traditional dancers performers, local children, hiphop dancers and singers; and organising the appearance of a well-known Bahraini artist to perform on stage.

These challenges created a high-risk environment, as many people and performance elements had to come together seamlessly. Compounding this was the fact that the show was run without an MC, meaning that accurate timing and direction was paramount. In the end, the Pico team and entertainers performed flawlessly – delivering a memorable opening ceremony.

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GOYS Conference Opening Ceremony