Grand Aquarium and Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium at Ocean Park

Situated amid in the majestic scenery of south Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park is a long-established amusement park with a strong emphasis on education. Grand Aquarium and the Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium are amongst the many newly developed attractions that aim to entertain while illustrating the importance of oceans to the well-being of the earth.

The exhibitions’ messages are that healthy oceans are vital resources for food and recreation. They also caution that ocean resources are finite, and that people can affect the balance of the ecosystem for the good and bad. This can be achieved by making informed customer choices will help to keep the oceans diverse and sustainable.

To achieve the mandate, a blue colour scheme was used in the winding entrance corridor of the Grand Aquarium to mimic the feeling of being led into the depths of the sea. Both aquariums use signage and displays set into strongly directional wave forms that have an aquatic textural quality.

Within the exhibition halls themselves, lighting is atmospheric with the clever use of shadow to impart the sensation of being underwater. Partitions and dividers are clad to resemble deep sea caves surrounding the aquariums, with some displays set in circular signs that resemble portholes. Landscaping and planting soften and blue the transitions between exhibits.

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Ocean Park
Grand Aquarium and Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium at Ocean Park
Hong Kong