Housing and Development Board Gallery

Singapore has seen successive waves of new residents arriving over the past half century, placing constant strain on basic city infrastructure such as housing. In response, the Housing & Development Board (HDB) was set up in 1960 to provide a variety of solutions and policies relating to the growing demand for shelter.

In 2010, the HDB showcased the results of its efforts in a newly renovated 700 square-metre gallery at HDB Hub in Toa Payoh. Designed to give visitors a dynamic experience, the gallery makes extensive use of multimedia and interactive displays, including even a ‘time capsule’ reconstruction of old tenement housing estates.

The gallery also contains Singapore’s first 360-degree panoramic cinema, continuously showing a four-minute multimedia clip of city residents and their evolving domestic lifestyles. Another highlight is Singapore’s largest indoor vertical green wall – in fact, a complete micro-climate system – which follows the line of a staircase as it ascends through the building.

Elsewhere is a model kitchen populated by life-size holographic characters which can interact with visitors and share their home ownership experiences – another first for Singapore. Other displays include a real-time interactive touchscreen map of the city and a large projection wall whose portrayals of the future of housing can be controlled by gesture movements.

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HDB Gallery