Huashan Eco-City Exhibition Hall

As the world’s population grows and becomes more urbanised, the environment is becoming an increasingly important consideration in all aspects of human life. In China, a number of ‘Eco-cities’ are currently being built, in which environmental considerations are at the top of the list.

Huashan Eco-City, currently being planned and developed in China’s Hubei Province aims to provide the world with a new model of urbanisation. As such, the Huashan Eco-City Exhibition Hall needed to be a world-class showcase for the city - to highlight its achievements and attract investors.

Pico provided a total solution - from concept planning and design, to construction and development of interactive multimedia and theatrical elements for this 1,400 sq. m. plus project.

Opting for a story-based approach to the themed environment, our design team explored the Eco-City’s urban planning and development in an artistic way. Through frescoes, sculptures and real natural elements, the elements of harmony, balance and sustainability were explored - illustrating how biological systems need to remain diverse in order to be productive.

Creating these exhibits which followed Huashan Eco-City on its transformative journey from dusty construction site to beautiful green space, was a rewarding challenge for all Pico teams involved.

Mr Yu Duan, the Deputy Chief Engineer of Wuhan Huashan Eco-city Investment Co., Ltd., made this comment about Pico:“Pico put great effort into the Huashan Eco-City Exhibition Hall project. The quality of construction was the best of all the exhibits in the Huashan Eco-Art Gallery. We would like to cooperate with Pico again on another project, and will be introducing Pico to other subsidiaries of our group.”

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Huashan Eco-City Exhibition Hall