IDA Tech Saturday

The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) has a simple mission: to develop information technology and telecommunications in Singapore to serve citizens of all ages and companies of all sizes. Tech Saturday was the IDA’s first public carnival. This one-day event, held at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre and was initially targeted to attract 2,000 visitors; aiming to introduce exciting technologies to the community and ignite the imagination of Singaporeans both young and old. Workshops at the event catered to groups from all ages – seniors, adults, teenagers and kids aged three and up – and explored all manner of technological solutions, from the world’s largest indoor drone race, to how to build a tofu piano, to building a smart vehicle at the ‘Kids’ Hackathon’ workshop.

Pico activated Tech Saturday through design, build and project management of the event. Our team’s involvement encompassed the public events, overlays, event collaterals static showcases for the workshop area, drone competition area, bazaar/marketplace and the stage. One inspiring challenge involved the overwhelming visitorship: a pre-event marketing email which was sent to schools and government agencies attracted an impressive response, with over 10,500 visitors attending the event – over five times the expected number – and a 100% attendance rate at the workshops. Accommodating these ‘surprise visitors’ required adaption and swift responses on the event day – more than 3,000 extra event passports  printed, and an additional 1,200 hot dog buns sourced!

Tech Saturday echoed the IDA’s mission by raising awareness of information technology development. The better-than-expected attendance rate proved that Singaporeans have an strong appetite for a keen understanding of today’s technology.

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IDA Tech Saturday
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