Infiniti National SUV Tour

One of the most ambitious, exciting and unique motor company campaigns of 2014 hit the road when Infiniti took some of its newest models on a national SUV tour of China.

Designed to augment Infiniti’s sponsorship of the hugely successful “A Bite of China” TV show’s second season, the campaign aimed to build image, create buzz and ultimately capture audience interest in Infiniti’s latest SUV models.

Pico, a leader in successful motor campaigns around the world, provided turnkey activation services for this impressive event, delivering planning and event management services as well as hotel and transportation management.

This grand tour took 30 media guests and VIPs on a tour of seven legendary cities in eastern China. Beginning in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, the 15-SUV tour wound 1,300 km through the stunning cities of Yangzhou, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Qiandao Lake and Huangshan, before eventually ending the journey at Wuhu in Anhui Province.

Linking the TV show’s characters with the landscape of the country, the tour spotlighted not only the capabilities of the vehicles, but the culinary highlights of the cities, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses of the show’s characters and cuisines. As the tour moved across the countryside, the stories behind the delicacies reduced the guests and participants to laughter and tears.

Highlights of the tour included sampling beef dumplings in Nanjing, a Pinghua performance in Yanzhou, tasting local village food in Hangzhou and digging for shellfish in Qiandao lake.

Organising an event of this magnitude with so many variables is never a simple task, and changes in route left our teams with only two weeks to prepare for the event. All in all though, the tour was a smashing success and provided yet another boost to Pico’s enviable event management reputation.

“Many cultural activities have been hosted by various motor brands in recent years, but after awhile you can only recall a few. This Infiniti National SUV Tour differentiates itself by engaging participants during the whole process – allowing us to enjoy the delicacies and experience cultural and sentimental stories. Excellent!” -Zhang Liwei, Modern Weekly

“The coordination and execution of the Infiniti National SUV tour were simply excellent. The whole itinerary was seamless – although many activities had been arranged, nothing felt too rushed. The ‘guidance notes’ provided were comprehensive, reflecting excellent preparation work.” -Chen Changjun, Chengdu Evening News

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Infiniti National SUV Tour
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