Iskandar Malaysia Information Centre

Named after the late Sultan of Johor and being the first of its kind, Iskandar Malaysia has been promoted by its developers as “the Rising of the Metropolis”! The city’s strategic location offers convenient accessibility to a number of major Asian capitals, while its 221,634 hectares site encompasses an area about three times the size of Singapore, or twice the size of Hong Kong.

To help fulfill the development’s objective of attracting foreign and high-level corporate investment, an extensive 1,600 square-metre information centre was constructed and launched in 2010. Its centrepiece is an oversized screen, on which visitors can view an introductory video of the future of Iskandar Malaysia. Further information is available through a range of interactive experiences, including a multimedia touchscreen presentation, and even a stunning ‘flyby’ simulation holographically projected onto an overhead dome.

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Iskandar Malaysia Information Centre
Johor Bahru