ITS World Congress 2015

The ITS Congress and Exhibition is the world’s largest event in the intelligent transport systems and services industry.

Over the long history of this event, Pico has provided numerous stands for our clients. This year’s event in Bordeaux, France was no different, as we were selected to take charge of Toyota, Denso and Japan Pavilion.

The Japan Pavilion employed a well-considered layout and booth design with the aim of attracting visitors to the pavilion’s numerous high-level Japanese ITS technology exhibits. In terms of the layout, the walls were arranged radially, welcoming visitors from all directions and allowing them to easily explore the exhibits. Conscious of the strong ties between France and Japan, we also used traditional Japanese patterns and a plain wood design to make the pavilion stand out even more and attract local visitors. To encourage visitors to stay longer and feel more comfortable, the design also used warm colours and attractive pendant lanterns.

DENSO requested that we follow their existing global design, one often found at international motor shows. Not only did the team give DENSO the international look they sought, Pico also used a dynamic design that required some hanging, achieving the impact and attention the client desired. In the end, the client was highly satisfied with both the design and the management of the booth.

For Toyota’s booth, the Pico team provided exceptionally high quality fabrication and operations management services. The team’s thorough planning, preparation, implementation and execution not only fulfilled the client’s needs, but exceeded their high expectations – not an easy accomplishment when you are servicing a world-leading company in the rapidly-growing ITS sector.

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ITS World Congress 2015