Maserati Ghibli Hong Kong Launch Event

Pico’s flexibility, creativity and ability to quickly find solutions were put to good use for the launch of Maserati’s new Ghibli in Hong Kong. Providing comprehensive services including initial venue search, site analysis, development of conceptual, structural and visual design, brand video production and event management; we meshed a series of theme together creating a refreshing stunning look for both the brand and the new car.

Numerous challenges including multiple date, venue and design theme changes needed to be swiftly responded to and incorporated, while the main exhibit – two pricey new cars and a great deal of construction materials – under unfavourable site condition needed moving in to the venue of heritage by crane in the middle of the night. The clients' high expectations for new ideas and the use of new technology requested considerable proposals with fine details in a glimpse of time. With meticulous execution and unparallel craftsmanship, the event turned out to be a unique experience with contemporary luxury Italian style meeting innovative technology in a chic ambience.

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Maserati Ghibli Hong Kong Launch Event
Hong Kong
Events  |  Automotive