McDonald’s China Restaurant Manager and Development Convention 2013

Held every 18 months in China, this is an essential conference for the McDonald’s China leadership team. While Pico has been successfully producing this event since 2005, the 2013 edition was particularly memorable as it was the first time the 2,000 delegates from across China were able to meet in Taiwan, a destination that McDonald’s management team had always wanted to convene in, but were prevented from doing so by visa issues.

In the course of providing our end-to-end event management services for this conference, the team worked closely with local authorities in both China and Taipei to ensure that the near-2,000 visa applications would be approved. This process took about two months, but was successful and actually made headlines in Taipei!

Teams from three offices cooperated on this project – Pico offices in Beijing, Taiwan and MP Shanghai handled design, provided on-the-ground production and took care of the event management. Together, the teams were responsible for creative strategy, design, program planning, visas, transportation, accommodation, set production, show production, entertainment, site-seeing, souvenirs and printing.

The complexity of the task, the level of cooperation and the success of the spectacular conference itself made this an event to remember.

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McDonald’s China Restaurant Manager and Development Convention