Mekhong House Museum

Pico design teams have worked on many projects in Thailand. Recently, however, we were given the rare honour of being invited to renovate and redesign the visitor centre for a famous Thai distilled spirit.

Mekhong, ‘The Spirit of Thailand’, has a long and distinguished history. Pico’s tasks when first renovating and then creating a permanent exhibit in the building were to help visitors experience the historical journey of the beverage, from the past through to the present day, and then to highlight the up-to-the-minute, high-quality production processes at the Sura Bangyikhan distillery.

This long-term project ran from September 2011 through to April 2012 and involved multiple teams working on different features. Pico teams were responsible not only for the renovation itself, but interior, graphic design, multimedia, animation, interactive, props and signage elements.

Each of these elements needed to be carefully coordinated and balanced to reflect and illustrate the themes of history and modernity. Through careful attention to detail and excellent communication, the project was completed on schedule and to the client’s satisfaction.

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Mekhong House Museum
Pathum Thani