Mercedes-Benz – GLE and GLE Coupé Launch Event

Mercedes-Benz recently held a glitzy launch event and cocktail party at Hong Kong’s International Finance Centre for its new GLE and GLE Coupé. Held in two parts, an unveiling ceremony for the new car and a movie session for the 200-plus guests, Pico was the event agency for this glamorous event, providing a one-stop turnkey solution for event planning, creative design, venue coordination, production, site operation, show rundown and management and video production for both the show and the cinema session.

With an exceptionally tight installation schedule, a globally-prominent client and a number of deliverables, our timing, logistics, preparation and creativity had to remain at an exceptionally high level. Venue setup in particular was a challenge, as our team were only given nine hours to build the lighting truss and rigging, LED wall, AV systems and testing, carpentry work and move two display cars into place. Thanks to our experienced and motivated team, we completed everything on schedule and activated an event worthy of this exciting and prestigious global brand.


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Mercedes-Benz – GLE and GLE Coupé Launch Event
Hong Kong
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