Mercedes-Benz Star Mobile

Mercedes-Benz’s modular Star Mobile showroom’s elegant interior serves as an all-in-one customer lounge, sales work station, pantry, information counter, library and outdoor cafeteria. Best of all, its illumination looks remarkably permanent, capturing customers’ attention even when the unit is travelling through the night.

In delighting Mercedes-Benz’s target customers, precise timing and routeings were of paramount importance. As were the delicately developed, Mercedes-Benz-branded special packages given away to potential purchasers. With flyers, invitation cards and follow-up calls all enhancing people’s desire to buy, the roadshows were a great success!

A guerilla store that could pop up near any high-end mall or restaurant, the Star Mobile schedule was supported by radio spots. Residents of upper class suburbs and executives in central business districts were other targets who experienced the roadshow’s extraordinary fascination.

“Perfectly symbolising Mercedes-Benz luxury and prestige, this mobile unit delivered results way beyond our and our visitors’ expectations”, said one Mercedes-Benz representative.

“After Star Mobile, road shows will never be the same again. Customers will want to see, feel and experience more,” said another. 

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Mercedes-Benz Star Mobile
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