Mobile M+: Inflation!

Mobile M+ is a series of ‘nomadic’ exhibitions curated by M+, a new museum of visual culture in Hong Kong. These projects explore different possibilities of artistically engaging the public without the presence of a building. Mobile M+ exhibitions are envisioned and produced as projects that would not have been possible in a single museum building.

Pico was part of the latest M+ adventure: Inflation!. Working with the Beijing artist Cao Fei, Pico helped create The House of Treasures (2013) - an outsize inflatable suckling pig - celebrating themes of prosperity and abundance. Visitors were able to enter the inflatable pig and relax on inflatable seating. Once inside, they could look up to see lifelike ribs installed under a realistic lighting effect.

The main obstacle to be overcome during the installation was the dramatic and unstable monsoon weather in Hong Kong. Pre-show arrangements including earth levelling, wind load calculation and counterweight calculations were essential. Pico’s forte is communication and through liaisons with different parties, all these variables were precisely worked out and all weather-related problems avoided.

The House of Treasures was a nod to Hong Kong’s food culture, as well as a fun interactive art experience for the public.

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Mobile M+: Inflation!
Hong Kong
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