National Healthcare Group 15th Anniversary Celebration

National Healthcare Group (NHG) is a leading public healthcare cluster in Singapore. NHG provides care through an integrated network of acute care and tertiary hospitals, national specialty centres, primary healthcare polyclinics and business divisions. On 23 May 2015, NHG celebrated its 15th Anniversary - a historical event to mark the Group’s achievements and strides made in establishing its Regional Health System network for Singapore.

Aware of Pico’s outstanding reputation and experience, National Healthcare Group turned to us to make this anniversary particularly notable. The aim was to bring their family of healthcare institutions closer together, and our knowledgeable teams were tasked with organising a dinner and dance with a theme they dubbed ‘Amazing Gems’; requesting “a glittering evening where everyone is a gem”.

This large-scale event was an important first for the Group, as it was the first time staff across various institutions gathered together at one venue. With over 3,250 people occupying at least 300 tables and a combined entertainment line-up of in-house performances and professional local artistes, our teams faced challenges on all fronts – working at a large scale and under tight time pressure.

As always, Pico delivered effectively and efficiently. The team sourced unique local performers that perfectly complemented the in-house entertainment line-up, working professionally to ensure that everything was in place, allowing all the Group’s ‘gems’ to be together and shine brightly on this magnificent, memorable evening.


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National Healthcare Group 15th Anniversary Celebration
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