New Audi A6L Launches in Style

Visitors to the Guangzhou International Sports Arena recently heard sounds that were unusual for the venue - the revving of engines and squealing of tires. The reason for the noise was that the arena was the launch pad for the latest creation of Sino-German joint venture FAW Volkswagen - the Audi A6L.

With a range of new high-tech features specifically designed for the China luxury car market, including a longer wheelbase, panoramic sunroof, rear entertainment system and massage functions, the exhibit had to be sleek and sophisticated to keep with the car’s look and feel.

Consisting of a ground floor ‘theatre’ and five levels of circular runways and corridors acting as galleries - with five cars on the first level and four cars on each of the levels above - the exhibit was complex to say the least.

Pico kept the design and build challenges in our headlights, took to the driver’s seat and delivered a fantastic exhibit, integrating perfect design and forward-looking technology - just like the Audi A6L.

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