New Viet Dairy at Food and Hotel 2015

New Viet Dairy is the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for several global players in the food industry. The company provides a vast variety of products to a wide range of industries, making a commitment to ensure a stable, on-time supply of food, deliver products as they are made, and inspire clients with the best ingredients from all over the world.

Pico provided booth design and construction services for New Viet Dairy at Food and Hotel Vietnam 2015, the largest trade event for food, culinary and hospitality supplies, services and solutions in Vietnam and Indochina. Our team planned, organised and managed the fully-stocked 135 sq. m. ‘delicatessen-style’ booth all the way from the design phase until teardown. As May is peak season for exhibition and events in Vietnam, the team faced numerous production challenges due to the sheer volume of on-going events. However, we spared no effort to ensure that every element within our control was delivered to the highest possible standard.

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New Viet Dairy at Food and Hotel 2015
Ho Chi Minh City