New York Singapore Day

Singapore Day - a festival which ‘brings Singapore to overseas Singaporeans’ - is a colourful celebration of Singaporean culture, cuisine and fun. The event is also a crucial link ‘back home’, keeping overseas Singaporeans in touch with social trends and employment opportunities back in Singapore. First inaugurated in 2007 in New York City, the event has been held in subsequent years in cities around the world.

Under the banner ‘My Home, My Future’, the recreated Singaporean skyline and streets were lined with recruitment booths and displays which let the sophisticated, professional attendees keep abreast of the latest jobs and careers at home. There was plenty of fun to be had too, as 12 genuine hawkers flown 15,000 miles created authentic dishes, a Singaporean comedian told jokes and the Singaporean dance phenomenon Mambo Jambo had the crowd on its feet. With the Deputy Prime Minister flying in specially for the event, 2012 marked the most prestigious Singapore Day yet.

Originally a Singaporean company, Pico were proud to event-manage and handle all design and fabrication aspects of the venue, as Singapore Day returned to New York’s beautiful Prospect Park. The intelligent, professional audience meant the messaging and feel of the event had to go above and beyond. Pico’s creative and unconventional approach combined with our history of handling previous Singapore Days in Melbourne and Shanghai ensured the event went off smoothly, efficiently and most of all - enjoyably!

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Singapore Day 2012
New York City
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