Ninth China (Beijing) International Garden Expo

The Ninth China (Beijing) International Garden Expo is the biggest event in Beijing since the 2008 Olympic Games. Beginning in 1997, the International Garden Expo aims to raise the profile of the art of gardening in China and is held every two years. This year, the Expo is being held over 513 hectares and comprises 128 exhibition parks. It began on 18 May and will run a full six months until 18 November. Pico had no small part in this huge undertaking: we were responsible for designing, fabricating and project managing all interior sections of the Garden Expo’s only indoor exhibition hall. As the centerpiece and focal point of the entire Expo, expectations were high for the 10,000 sq. m. hall. From exotic content development to unique display positioning, there was no margin of error for Pico’s teams and enormous effort was put into ensuring a perfect delivery. Naturally, green elements played a large role in this project - we used bamboo for the building’s structure, adjusted the indoor temperature and humidity levels through the use of living plants as opposed to air conditioning, and used plants to purify circulating water. As the event is ongoing, no awards have been received yet, but the hall has been entered in the Expo’s ‘Top Three Popular Pavilions’ contest. The results will be announced in November.

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Garden Expo
China (Beijing) International Garden Expo