Nissan Grand Livina

The automobile industry in Malaysia is a highly contested and dynamic sector, with cars being a necessity in this fast-developing country. One established and reputable carmaker vying for the affections of the people is the Japanese marque Nissan.

With the Grand Livina designed to be positioned between a sedan and an MPV, Pico was tasked by Nissan Malaysia to deliver a launch which revolved around the Grand Livina’s national campaign: “Happiness Drives like a Sedan, Fits like an MPV”. Synergy was paramount to the launch and to ensure success, Pico had to make sure that every element – from stage design and ambience to the environment, presentation and even performance – fit with the message of the national campaign.

Although time was of the essence, our team still managed to create a novel approach to the launch. The undeniable highlight was an impressive curved LED screen which the vehicle drove through, making its grand entrance and surprising the unsuspecting crowd. 

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Nissan Grand Livina
Kuala Lumpur
Events  |  Automotive